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Introduction plus fic

Posted by karkashan on 2011.06.24 at 15:24
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The name's Karkashan, longtime Yu-gi-oh! nut. Been re-watching the series (and reading the manga again) when I came across a couple of things.

1. Widzilla on deviantart, (and her large collection of genderswtched fanarts, very pretty ones at that)
2. The Yu-Gi-Oh! GX italian theme.

A copious combination of the two has sparked my fanfic muse once again, so I decided to write one. It's currently a WIP, but since I've started it I've spent much of my free time dedicated to writing it, so there shouldn't be any problems getting this one done.

Title: Have no Fear
Rating: T
Pairings: Some Reggie/Atticus, Jaden/Alexis (later hints at Ms. Hibiki/Prof. Banner)
Notes: Dub!names. Spoilerific up until 2nd ChapterCollapse )

a promise made

Manjoume Drabble

Posted by cynthia_harrell on 2011.04.23 at 17:10
It's been a while since I posted anything fic-related here...years even. But I think I'm going to try to start again and I hope you all enjoy my writing. Starting off with a Manjoume-based gen drabble, that's also available (as is more of my writing) on FFnet.

Only One Way To Go From Here||Higuchimon

Only One Way To Go From HereCollapse )

Girl with Owl

Coming Home, Chapter Two

Posted by speaky_bean on 2011.04.17 at 02:09
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Title: Coming Home
Author: speaky_bean
Word Count: 5,249
Chapter: 1 2
Warnings: None
A/N: Here's Chapter Two! As a reminder, this story is about Judai showing up on Shou's doorstep after ten years of absence. It deals with how the other characters react to his return. This one is also from Shou's point of view. Read on, and you'll meet Shou's wife Kotomi, and his older daughter Yukie, who can see Duel Spirits, just like Judai. Judai wants to act as her mentor, but Shou has other ideas.

(With half a fried shrimp dangling from her mouth, she says, 'is the brown fuzzy guy next to your head one of those things? He's funny. He's saying Kuri Kuri. Can I pet him?')

Chibi Twins

Obelisk Blue Students (OC)

Posted by jczala on 2011.03.22 at 22:01
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A birthday gift art for my cousin, Haru-chan (Real Name: Tyrone Aries C.). :D

He always wanted to see his OC dressed in an Obelisk Blue uniform with my personalized OC along with him. Of course, he didn't want the standard Obelisk Blue uniform, so I modified them to my liking. Haru is still 10 years old presently, but I can easily tell that he'll be taller than me 5 or 6 years from now. He wanted his OC to be a teenager, so I portrayed him as you see above. He also wanted a cool surname to go with his character and he liked Skyheart the instant I suggested it. Green and blue are his favorite colors, hence the hair and the eyes.

My OC wears an altered version of the female Obelisk Blue uniform. Instead of the blue mini-skirt, she wears shorts with black leggings, and knee-length boots. She's also sporting a black hoodie shirt underneath the Obelisk Blue vest. Her name was kinda suggested by a friend of mine, so don't ask.

Obelisk Blue Students by ~jczala on deviantART

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Yuugiou GX » 50 icons
Yuugiou DM » 30 icons
Yuugiou 5Ds » 19 icons
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Here @ soulfused

gem beasts <3

Help_japan Yu-Gi-Oh offers

Posted by heleentje on 2011.03.15 at 16:58
(Mods, please delete if not allowed)

To help out the victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan, many people are offering their services. Over at help_japan , thousands of offers are coming in, and several of them involve Yu-Gi-Oh related things. Because the threads are quite long, and it might be hard to find something of interest, I've compiled a list of all the offers involving Yu-Gi-Oh, which can be found by following the link underneath.

Link to my journal

Feel free to check out the offers, bid on something, or offer yourself! All the little bits help!

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Girl with Owl

Coming Home, Chapter One

Posted by speaky_bean on 2011.03.09 at 18:46
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Title: Coming Home
Author: speaky_bean
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Word Count: 4,285
Chapter: One
Warnings: None
A/N: Ever since I finished watching GX, I've been thinking about how what happened in the Dark World, and Judai's subsequent actions, would affect the other characters emotionally. Canon makes some reference to this in Season Four, but they skimp on psychological development in favor of more action. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it did make me rather curious as to how certain people felt about it, in particular Shou and Johan. Thinking about that gave birth to this fanfic.

This story takes place ten years after the events of canon. That means spoilers, so stop reading right now if you haven't seen the whole series. Everyone has been living their own adult lives for years, without Judai. One day, after years of being out of contact, Judai reappears on Shou's doorstep. The first chapter deals primarily with Shou's reaction to his return, but later chapters will deal with other characters as well. This isn't going to be a joyful reunion story. It's about the complicated relationships the characters share, and the trauma caused by the events of the Dark World. I hope that this sounds good to you, and that you'll enjoy reading the story. This is a work in progress, so suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to ich_bin_puppy and aphotic, for their invaluable help!

(Judai is here and the sun is lighting up his tangled hair like a halo. Shou slams the door in his face.)

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Icon Post!

Posted by speaky_bean on 2011.03.08 at 01:23
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15 Batman
33 Bugs
15 Serial Experiments Lain
21 Pokemon
24 Yu-Gi-Oh GX


here @ mycobacterial

Here's my latest AMV! It's about Fujiwara Yusuke and his severe psychological issues, and it's to a song called When I Go Away by Levon Helm. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks for taking a look.

Girl with Owl
Posted by speaky_bean on 2011.01.31 at 14:05
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The Yu-Gi-Oh 15 Word Project

Click here, and have fun writing microfic about DM, GX, or 5Ds!

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